Sunday, September 28, 2008


Horsesass is a Washington State blog that has been talking a lot about legalizing assisted suicide. I've never seen it write articles about disability rights but all of a sudden it pretends to be the new voice of people with disabilities.

Jesse Wendle of Group News Blog writes a post in Horsesass telling us I 1000 isn't about people with disabilities. Of course, to demonstrate his disability rights pedigree he calls us cripples. He thinks it's okay to use the word cripple because you know he's a "brother."

Jesse then goes on to call those of us who disagree with him liars. The bottom line is that Jesse is to people with disabilities what Clarence Thomas is to African-Americans.

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Cindy Sue Causey said...

Hi, Mystery..

The assisted suicide keywords brought you to my cyber doorstep a little bit ago.. You've been there before because of the ongoing conversations regarding I1000..

Yeah, I checked out the piece briefly.. What you said.. :)

Beginning to slowly see a pattern of people going out of their way to seemingly incite PWDs.. Called someone on it the other day over at Pajamas Media because he went out of his way to use "r" people after first speaking of how the disability community reacted to Tropic Thunder.. Perhaps subscription rates were down in both cases..?

Regarding Mr. Wendel..

Number One, no one person should ever bear the Voice for the masses.. Somewhere out there will be someone who thinks he does.. We know he doesn't.. :)

Almost can't help feeling it's a setup so that someone can say, "There.. See..? Right there in print.. It's on the Net.. It's gots to be true.. PWDs have NO prob with I1000.."

Number Two.. He speaks very disrespectfully, even of himself.. As such, hm, well, you know.. The piece just comes across very, very sad.. Would love to see him get an injection of empowerment from his local CIL, if not mine.. :)

Number Three, Four, Five, ad infinitum.. It is so, too, 110% about persons with disabilities as to be a person with a disability means one's quality of Life is somehow.. Argh, running out of words..

Means that's the person most likely to be on the chopping block.. The I1000s of the World are carte blanche for doctors to have no guilt and/or static about increasing the air to Human ratio by eliminating the more vulnerable among the population's total..

Hopefully what's inside my Head is at least half planted here as its intended thought..? Sheesh.. :)

Anyway.. Thanks for highlighting Mr. Wendel.. Will keep it in a mental tickle file henceforth..

Peace and best wishes from North Georgia.. :)