Monday, February 25, 2008

Assisted Suicide Initiative 1000 Launched

The assisted suicide initiative was launched in Washington State on January 9, 2008. Proponents of assisted suicide during their news conference made morose speeches and recited poetry. Most of the funding thus far for the initiative comes from outside the state.

Washington Not Dead Yet representatives, joined with members of the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide, held a news conference immediately following the remarks made by assisted suicide backers. We educated the media about Oregon's weak safeguards, bogus data, the discrimination underlying assisted suicide, and why assisted suicide is loved by managed care and insurance companies.

Using the same approach as was used in Oregon, they want Washington State voters to believe there are "safeguards"in the initiative when in fact they are no more than mere inconveniences. Proponents expect to raise over $5 million to fund their campaign.